Corporate Governance

How the SUN MOBILE Group is directed and controlled is of concern to a wide spectrum of other organisations and individuals. From shareholders or donors to employees and those who may depend on the activities of the SUN MOBILE Group in other ways. This Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is part of the overall SUN MOBILE enterprise risk management framework demonstrating the SUN MOBILE Group’s high level of suitable regulatory and market mechanisms to encourage responsible governance.


  • systematically builds social responsibility into the processes by which we are directed and controlled;
  • incorporates key elements of sound corporate governance in our management structures and internal control procedures;
  • is committed to high standards of ethics and integrity in all aspects of our business, and to ensuring our affairs are conducted in accordance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • has adopted a Corporate Responsibility Policy that applies to all employees, including directors and officers, throughout the SUN MOBILE Group. The policy sets out standards in the way we go about our business, plus the corporate responsibilities of the SUN MOBILE Group’s employees. The policy includes guidance on obligations to the SUN MOBILE Group; equal opportunities; safeguarding communications, the SUN MOBILE Group’s information and property; privacy of personal data; prevention of bribery and conflicts of interest; competition; health and safety at work, and the environment. The policy also describes procedures to enable employees to raise concerns with management and directors on a confidential basis;